Applecare Parts Agreement

(iii) Express replacement service (“ERS”) or do-it-yourself spare parts service (“DIY”). ERS is available for select products with covered devices. ERS is not available for iPhone only ADH screen claims. DIY parts service is available for many parts or accessories of roofing equipment, allowing you to maintain your own covered appliances. If the ERS or DIY parts service is available, the following process will apply. For monthly plans, your lifespan is one (1) month. Your plan is automatically renewed each month, unless it is terminated in accordance with Section 9 “Cancellation”, including if Apple is no longer able to use your covered device in the absence of service parts, and in this case, Apple will provide you with thirty (30) days of written notification of termination or other legal provisions. If you submit a valid request during the duration of the plan by telling Apple that the covered device has failed due to accidental damage due to accidental handling due to an unexpected and accidental external event (for example. B, falls and damage caused by fluid contact) (“ADH”), Apple will repair, subject to your payment of the service charge described below, the defect with new or obsolete parts. which correspond to new elements of performance and reliability corresponding to new services and loss of reliability. or (ii) to exchange the covered device with a new or new replacement product in performance and reliability. Every time you receive services for ADH, a “service event.” The exclusions apply as described below.

In addition, DHA services are maturing and all apple obligations to them in this section will be fully fulfilled as soon as Apple provides you: (i) for single payment plans, two (2) service events; or (ii) for monthly plans, two (2) service events in a period of twenty-four (24) months (or thirty-six (36) months for Apple Watch Edition or Herms), based on the initial purchase date of your plan, as shown in the original sales document. If you make a valid claim during the duration of the plan by telling Apple that a hardware and processing error has occurred in the insured device or, for the covered device using a built-in rechargeable battery, when the battery capacity of the covered device to maintain an electrical charge is less than eighty percent (80%) one percentage point. original specifications, either Apple (i) repairs the defect for free using new parts or parts in terms of performance and reliability, or (ii) will replace the device covered with a new or new replacement product in terms of performance and reliability.