Breaking Agreements With The Enemy

For generations, they were told they couldn`t, they feared for years what was going to happen, and for decades they accepted what they had been given. When the Tunisian revolution showed them and the world that it was possible to defend their rights, it allowed Egypt, along with many other countries, to believe that they “could” and then fought for their freedom. Immediately, I could feel the mind reveal a few things to me. “The Book of The Dam” was one of them; Not said in wickedness or curse, but rather in the spirit of resigantion: “Well, I must return to this book of dam.” Another chord was, “I don`t really like it.” A third was: “I don`t really like the theme of marriage; I would like to write something else. None of them were true. But they had carved out over time, and I had made a very subtle agreement with them. I was sitting at my desk and I felt blah. But instead of beg me through discomfort, to force myself to write, I stopped and asked God: “Lord, have I made here some agreements on this book?” Many of us may have had similar conversations with God or ourselves when we were faced with a difficult situation. Maybe we resigned ourselves to saying, “I can`t,” “It`s not for me,” “As in the world I could….¬†Instead of listening to someone else, believing the enemy or doubting ourselves, perhaps we should trust God more. What do you need freedom from today? What eternal changes can you make if you decide to renounce previously confirmed fortresses and agreements with you and the enemy? What will you achieve by the lord`s strength? Some people won`t like it, but I`d like to share this, because it`s a perfect example of the point I`m trying to make. I think there is a reason why the rate of miscarriage in the infertility community is so high.

I think that once someone goes through infertility, they are much more in tune with anything that can go wrong. On the right? You hear horror stories. You have trauma. You know much more than the average woman who gets pregnant immediately after trying, the amount of things that go wrong not only until pregnancy, but when pregnancy itself occurs. After keeping all this information, they spend months, if not years, collaborating with fear and talking to death, and before they know, they learn that they are having a miscarriage themselves right after discovering that they are pregnant. It looks so hard. It`s not intentional, but the reason I`m so passionate about it is because of what I`ve seen and heard in the infertility community. It`s fear.

It`s death. It`s negativity. It`s time to point out that not all diseases are physical. They are often spiritual and for some women, the reason they have a miscarriage is not because their bodies are not functioning properly, but because of the agreements they made with the enemy. It`s so powerful. God recently began to talk to me about breaking the agreements I made with the devil, consciously or unconsciously.