Can A Consultant Enter Into A Settlement Agreement

Individual scenarios – In many cases, agreements are offered as an alternative to staff performance, disability due to illness, disciplinary or dismissal process. For an employer, refusing an employee to take disciplinary action involves time and money for management. Offering a transaction agreement can be an efficient, cost-effective and quick way to end the employment relationship safely. You contact us and we take the first instructions according to the contractual conditions (for example. B the date of termination, the remuneration package, the closing deadlines, the employer`s contribution to your lawyer`s fees, etc.) and the circumstances that cause your employer to offer you the contract. We strive to provide you with a report on the terms and impact of the agreement within 48 hours of the formal training. Same-day appointments can be arranged based on availability. If there is a deadline for the delivery of the contract, please tell us about it at the beginning and we will ensure that we can meet this deadline. Please provide us with a copy of the agreement (if available). Upon receipt, one of our labour law specialists will briefly review the agreement and advise us on whether we can take over the work associated with it for your employer`s contribution.

In the vast majority of cases, we take care of the work of the contributory employer, that is, it does not cost you a penny, the worker. After confirmation, we will send you a formal letter of commitment to confirm our instructions. The worker`s lawyer should advise the employee if the agreement attempts to unlawfully prevent public interest disclosures and seek amendments to the agreement. However, if the employer acts inappropriately, for example. B by unduly putting pressure on workers or presenting the circumstances inappropriately, an employer loses protection and the worker may refer to the conciliation agreement in the case of an action for dismissal. However, settlement agreements can also be used to resolve existing disputes with employees without the employee leaving the company. Terms negotiated through settlement agreements can often be a better financial outcome than what the worker can achieve by leaving a case in an employment court. This is partly due to the uncertainty and “risk of trial” associated with the issuance of a court action. However, the employee may also have control over certain conditions, for example. B an agreed reference or announcement. These are terms that can be extremely valuable to an employee.

After receiving the signed agreements, we complete the advisor`s certification and we will send both agreements with our invoice to your employer/former employer, who will then countersign a copy of the fully executed contract and send it back to us. After receipt, we will take a copy and send you the original to keep them….