Data Center Access Agreement

The amount of access is set and maintained by the company and the customer in accordance with the specifications of the data center contract or co-lease between the company and the customer. As part of vXchnge`s ongoing commitment to delivering control directly to our Colocation customers, our award-winning in-site platform allows them to easily manage their data center access policies. Granting or deleting access is as simple as connecting to the in-site portal and making changes, allowing you to update the access list in real time. With the in-Site mobile app, you can manage your data center access policy anytime, anywhere. With this innovative capability, vendors and visitors will never wait in front of the data center for someone to accompany them inside or for a new version of the access list to be downloaded. Visitors: All other staff who may visit the data center from time to time, but do not have individual access and are not allowed to stay in the data center without being accompanied. The company issues identification cards and accesses key cards for the client`s designated agent. The company will maintain a list of all authorized persons who will have access to this access and, at no time, identification cards or access keys will be transferred between another employee or other customer representative without prior authorization from the company. If, at any time, the company is aware that an access badge has been transferred in violation of this Directive, access to the data centre and contract premises may be revoked. If the company is aware of an alleged violation of any of the terms of this agreement or any other policy published on its website, made available to the customer by email or published in another form, the company will open an investigation. During the investigation, the company may restrict the customer`s access to the data center or other company products and services to prevent other unauthorized activities. The entity may, at its sole discretion, restrict, block or terminate the client`s account without notice or refund, or initiate civil remedies, as it deems necessary.

The company must inform the relevant enforcement agencies of these violations. Authorized personnel: university staff (ITSS and other services) authorized to access the data center via an individual key access card and security code. Rattler Card Swipe unsupervised access and access 24×7 data centers are only allowed to persons with an authorized and proven business need to regularly access data centers, people needing rare access, accompanied if necessary. Uncompanied persons can accompany and monitor unauthorized persons, provided that all persons are connected to the entrance and exit. De Rattler cards belonging to authorized persons cannot be loaned to unauthorized persons; such a measure is grounds for disciplinary action. No temporary or empty access cards are available. Any employee who forgets or moves their Rattler card is limited to access to data centers until their Rattler card is replaced.