Tenancy Agreement Ird

I signed an original contract and a double lease. Do I have to submit two applications for an electronic seal? How many certificates do I need to get? If you have any questions about rental issues or need assistance, you can turn to the Rating and Evaluation Service (RVD) for free inquiries, support and brokerage services. You can also get free legal advice from the Duty Lawyer Service. I am a real estate agent. Can I file an electronic stamp request for a lease from my client? If the license agreement has the character of a rental agreement with monthly rents, you can file the stamp application online like other rental agreements. If it contains special conditions, for example. B a premium or instrument must be decided, please present the original instrument to the Stamp Office for evaluation or evaluation. You must, within one month of the conclusion of a lease agreement, submit to the Rating and Evaluation Division, for confirmation, a new lease or a new renewal agreement. For late deposit, a fee of HK$310 is charged. With a copy of the notification that will be returned after confirmation, you will be entitled to take legal action to claim the rent if necessary.

A rental agreement should determine what you and your tenant have agreed to as your respective rights and obligations. However, certain rights and obligations are implied in a lease, unless there are provisions to the contrary in the lease agreement. For example, your implied obligations are that your tenant can enjoy the ownership and conditions of the property during colonization. In the absence of an explicit agreement on the payment of rent and cancellation conditions in case of non-payment of rent, your rental agreement means that the tenant must pay the rent on the day of due date and that the rental agreement expires for a period of 15 days after non-payment. A temporary lease, concluded on or after July 9, 2004, ends at the end of its term. Landlords and tenants alike do not have to resign. You or your tenant can also terminate the rental agreement by mutual agreement or if there is an interruption clause in the rental agreement. 3 Select the lease under the STAMPING app. Read the instructions and enter the app details. Pay online via PPS, VISA or MasterCard OR print the payment notice and pay the tax through existing tax payment channels. Finally, print the stamp certificate according to the instructions and add it to the rental agreement.

ii) By post (box no. 28827, Gloucester Road Post Office, Wan Chai, HK) You can apply for a paper stamp [IRSD111 (E)] by post. . . .