What Is A Building Over Sewer Agreement

It depends on the individual situation, but for a request to build a public sewer, you will probably need this: any building control body working under our “protocol” will indicate all cases where we will need a construction agreement for further study. In certain circumstances, we may issue a retroactive construction agreement if the work has already been done above or near a public sewer. This is only exceptionally the reason. To simplify the word sewers for the ones below, sewers, sewers, main pumping sewers or other sewerage infrastructure. Please note that a sewer diversion should be considered where possible. It is unlikely that we will allow you to build strategic public sewers. A construction agreement allows the water company to ensure that the work to be carried out will not adversely affect the underlying sewers and ensures that the water company continues to have sufficient access to the canal for repair and maintenance. If you plan to build nearby or via a public sewer, you should contact the water company before carrying out the work to determine its needs. If you want to know more, our detailed instructions are a good start. They will help you know if and what type of consent you need. You must then file either a construction declaration or a formal agreement request. You can apply for your construction contract online. You can also send us a paper or PDF application by email or mail.

These requests are addressed to us by the following addresses: For more information about construction via a public channel, contact us at the wastewaterdeveloperservices@uuplc.co.uk. When a developer works with building control, the inspector checks where a buildover may be needed. If they are satisfied with the proposals and this meets our criteria, they will approve it on our behalf and the developer will not have to contact us for further permissions. If the proposed construction requires not to fit into our criteria or if the inspector has doubts about the proposals, they will cause us to degenerate so that we can speak directly to the developer to give advice and agree on the next steps. If you sell your property, we will know that the sewers/drain have been built and that the work corresponds to our agreement. On request, we will confirm this information to individuals or mortgage lenders acting on behalf of a potential buyer. Before the construction request above or near a canal: During the construction of any construction, you must ensure that there are no public sewers located in the area of the planned works. If you find that there is a public canal near your planned work during and after construction, a work control centre is generally required to confirm that the work complies with national construction standards (described in the h4 building code).

The developer may choose to use a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or an independent certified inspector for this assessment. Second, if the sewers need to be replaced, there is a search for our public pipes and water pipes.