Aturn Films is a small independent production company specialising in providing  corporate and promotional video content to small businesses.  Based in Norfolk, Aturn Films has a broad network offering a wide range of filmmaking, including independent Short Films and Documentaries – many of which are borne out of passion projects.

Our promotional and corporate filmmaking is affordable, friendly and customer driven.  We can offer short promotional films of any length and work with you to meet your needs and your budget.

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We have the technical skills, creativity, network and flair, but equally – and more importantly – we are a people business.  We love providing a visual representation of what the customer envisages – and we love dealing with people!

The whole process is a journey, but nothing beats seeing the final polished project and witnessing the reactions of cutomers as they see their business, their hard work and their ideas brought to life. مجموعة يورو 2023

Andy Turner has a Masters in Film and Television Production and is passionate about independent filmmaking. As a professional actor and filmmaker Andy has been involved in the directing and the production of many short films and documentaries, as well as corporate promotional videos. افضل موقع مصارعة الحرة His all round knowledge in the art of filmmaking, balanced with his life experiences gained from his professional careers, has provided Andy with the ability to create profound and engaging stories.

Mason Carter is an award-winning FTV graduate from the University of Lincoln, Mason Carter started filmmaking in 2012 and has since worked on various short film projects ranging from music festivals and promotional material to documentaries and comedy sketches. Specialising as a camera operator, with a passion for editing, Mason is ambitious and committed to every project he is part of. كيف احصل على المال

Current Projects

Current projects for Aturn Films include:

  • SG Wealth Management Corporate Promotional Video
    Currently working on pre-production
  • Documentaries   
    ‘Heart of a Lion’         ‘No Such Thing as Can’t’  
    ‘World War 2 Stories’
  • Mockumentary
    The Norfolk PI


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