Fiu Collective Bargaining Agreement

We expect the FIU Board of Directors to vote on the ratification of the agreement at its meeting on Tuesday 14 September. After more than a year of negotiations, the FIU Branch of the Florida United Faculty and the FIU Administration have signed a series of preliminary agreements for the new Collective Agreement (CLA) for the years 2021-2024. Unlike many other unions, the UFF has in the past offered complaint representation to all members of the collective bargaining unit, whether or not they have decided to join the union and pay dues. In order to offset the costs of representing complaints, the UFF has in the past required non-members to share only the costs of filing their claims before an arbitral tribunal. However, since our state branch UFF has informed that it cannot legally support UFF if it represents non-members, UFF is not able to continue to represent non-members. At this meeting, representatives of the UFF-CRF negotiating team will be on hand to answer questions about the negotiation process and the new agreements. The most recent “Full Book” CLA expired on July 1, 2021. During “full book years”, the entire collective agreement is subject to negotiation, with the exception of those points where both parties agree to maintain the status quo. Negotiations on the new agreement began in the summer of 2020 and ended on 18 August 2021. The UFF-FIU and the administration have reached agreements on amendments to the following points: the rest of the cost-benefit analysis therefore remains unchanged. Below is a summary of the new agreements. You can check out the full ABC news here. As has always been the case, non-members are not eligible for the $1 million insurance policy, which covers liability for work-related lawsuits or claims against a faculty member.

This has always been another important protection that has been automatically offered to UFF members and paid for by their dues. . “These rates shall be set at a level of at least equal to the equivalent autumn/spring overload rate for each programme.” The UFF-CRF will hold an online ratification vote for the new ABC on Monday, September 13 and Tuesday, September 14, 2021. . Voting will begin on Monday 13 September at 12.01.m. via the online system and will remain open until 17:00.m on Tuesday 14 September at 17:00. The results will be presented immediately after the final counting of the ballots at a special virtual meeting on Tuesday, September 14. September at 6:00 pm (visit the CBA page for the link to the meeting). Prior to ratification, all faculties of the unit are invited to participate in a virtual ratification meeting on Thursday, September 9 from 12:00 to 14:00 (link to the meeting). Important Update: For additional self-sufficient summer tasks, it was agreed that a spelling error occurred in the language of the summer program pay rate. The indication of the sentence should have contained the words “not less than”. The final text of Article 13(2)(3)(b)(i)(i) is replaced by the following:.

. In solidarity, the Negotiating Committee of the UFF-CRF Charles G. Shields, President Therefore, as of November 4, the UFF will not represent you in your complaint unless you are a member of the UFF at or before an incident that violates your rights under the BOT-UFF collective agreement. As always, you have the right to represent yourself or hire a lawyer to represent you. And just as you can`t take out an insurance policy after an accident, you can`t get union representation in a complaint about something that happened before you joined the union after the incident that violates your contractual rights and causes the complaint. When voting begins, detailed instructions and an access link will be sent to your FIU email address via ElectionBuddy, a third-party secure voting service. All faculties of the unit, regardless of their membership in the UFF-CRF, have the right to vote YES or NO upon ratification of the new ABC. The page numbers below refer to the new amended CLA linked above. FROM 4. AS OF NOVEMBER 2008, THE UNION WILL NO LONGER OFFER REPRESENTATION OF INDIVIDUAL COMPLAINTS TO NON-MEMBERS.

It is always the choice of a faculty member or librarian whether or not to join the UFF. However, since this choice now means that individuals will deny the right with the help of representatives trained in UFF complaints, the union believes it is important that all faculty members and librarians be informed of our new policy. .