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“I`m not saying you need to express yourself and have black lives throughout this game,” she told CBS News. “I`m not even saying I need you for this job. But at least one friend would talk to another friend. “How are you doing right now? I confess that I did not say anything. I confess to ignoring some of the issues you face as a black person. But I want you to know that I am your friend, and I see you and I hear you.┬áI watch out for friends who don`t do that.┬áRachel Lindsay, who was the first black Bachelorette to break through barriers, said she took note of white friends and public figures who remained silent. And she believes that in the digital age, it is the duty of public figures to express themselves. Draugelis` dilemma is a dilemma that many influencers face. Influencers who continue to post their usual content without acknowledging the realities of this country risk appearing so ridiculous that everything they have to say does not become relevant. And if we get closer and closer to November 3, a silent influencer on one of the heaviest U.S. elections in history could risk alienating himself and his supporters in such a profound way that it would be impossible to recover. Similarly, netizens have exchanged criticism of influencers who have remained silent amid national protests, especially those who regularly work in the black entertainment industry and those believed to have used culture to build their brand identity. .

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